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About Billy Pinilis: Consumer Fraud Lawyer

Billy Pinilis is a highly regarded consumer fraud lawyer, certified civil trial attorney, and adjunct law professor of Consumer Law (among other things) at Seton Hall Law School in New Jersey. Not only recognized as a "Super Lawyer" in the field of Consumer Law, Mr. Pinilis is also certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. Less than 3% of the lawyers in the state of New Jersey have the necessary knowledge and experience to have earned this distinction. Mr. Pinilis concentrates primaily on handling consumer claims, complex commercial litigation, class action litigation, and personal injury/negligence action involving significant injuries. He has acquired a national reputation for excellence in handling consumer fraud, consumer protection and consumer class action claims. Read Billy's full bio

You may not know you have a case

Consumer fraud impacts everyone — both directly and indirectly. Sellers regularly mislead the consuming public, and most consumers mistakenly believe there is little or nothing they can do after having been taken advantage of by common consumer frauds.
PinilisHalpern, LLP is a consumer law practice that concentrates on representing victims of consumer fraud. Our consumer protection practice is devoted to representing the common individual in the average consumer dispute. PinilisHalpern, LLP also regularly handles national class action litigation including securities fraud, price fixing, pharmaceutical marketing fraud, and large consumer sales practices cases.


Common consumer frauds

  • Foreclosures
  • Predatory lending
  • Unfair and illegal collection practices
  • Internet scams
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance scams
  • Investment scams
  • Unscrupulous car dealers
  • Fraudulent home improvement contractors
  • Telemarketers
  • Financial "advisors"
  • Unfair banking practices
  • "Alternative medicine" providers
  • Sweepstakes and contest promoters
  • Mortgage scams
  • Work-from-home businesses

You Might Have a Claim and PinilisHalpern can Help


Cooper Mini

Cooper Mini's timing belt experienced issues resulting in costly engine damage. Read this Consumer Affairs article detailing the issue. Please contact us if you have experience timing belt issues with your Cooper Mini automobile.


If you purchased a consumer product on credit, and gave up the opportunity to receive cash back in exchange for “zero percent financing,” we are sorry to inform you that you did not really receive zero percent financing. It is a little complicated, but absolutely true. You did not get what you think you did. Give us a chance to explain. Please contact us.

0% Financing Fraud

Bayer Vitamins

We are interested in speaking with New Jersey residents who purchased Bayer vitamins, such as One-A-Day, based upon the belief that they would help to improve breast, heart, eye, joint or other health. A nonprofit consumer group is arguing that Bayer's claims that its vitamins "support" breast, heart, eye, and joint health, as well as physical energy, immunity, healthy blood pressure, bone strength, and metabolism are unproven. If you are a New Jersey resident who's purchased Bayer vitamins based on these claims, we'd like to hear your story and help protect consumers from believing these vitamins are the answer to preventative care and major health issues.


Credit Score 101


Your credit score is one of the most important numbers you have CNNMoney's Christine Romans explains your credit score: how it's determiend and how it affects your life.


Consumer Fraud Forum

Consumer Fraud Forum
Read the latest news, updates, insights and discussions on consumer fraud and consumer protection. Plus, share your story and connect with other consumers who have either been a victim of consumer fraud or champion the belief that we as consumers deserve and demand fair, transparent and quality service and products — all the time, every time. Visit Consumer Fraud Forum >

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"I can’t thank you enough, not just for taking care of this, but for taking charge. I felt a huge weight come off me and the stress began to go away. You did a fabulous job and thanking you is not enough."

Consumer Fraud Lawyer Billy Pinilis

Contact Billy Pinilis, Consumer Fraud Lawyer

Billy Pinilis is a faithful protector of consumer rights and believes that no consumer should be the victim of fraud — even if it is for a small amount of money. In New Jersey, the law almost always provides for enhanced awards and attorney’s fees; thus, no case is too small. 

If you believe that you have a claim or if you are a lawyer who has been consulted by a claimant, you owe it to yourself to speak with PinilisHalpern, LLP.

In New Jersey, if a consumer has been misled, then you have a viable lawsuit. Under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, it is not necessary to prove that a seller or advertiser intended to mislead a consumer.


Consumer Fraud Lawyer PinilisHalpern, LLP in New Jersey
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