Listed below are some of the matters that we are currently investigating.  Please let us know if you can help!

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LG Electronics line of “Smart TVs.” LG has been selling these in the US for around the past 24 months or so.  The TVs are internet connected, and communicate your viewing habits, including all files you have viewed, and webpages you have visited to LG’s servers.  LG uses the information in their “Smart AD” service which they sell to advertisers to deliver targeted advertisements which LG displays on your TV homepage.  SOme people believe that the firmware of the TVs has a setting buried within its configuration menu, “Collection of watching info,” and is set to “on” by default, if one switches the setting to “off” in an attempt to opt-out of the spying, the TV still delivers the info to LG.  Please let us know if you have such a tv.

Cooper Mini Automobiles timing belt case: Engine problems with Mini Coopers.  See attached article

Zero Percent Financing Fraud – If you purchased a consumer product on credit, and gave up the opportunity to receive cash back in exchange for “zero percent financing,” we are sorry to inform you that you did not really receive zero percent financing. It is a little complicated, but absolutely true. You did not get what you think you did. Give us a chance to explain. Please contact us.