Listed below are some of our results:

Class action claim for overtime against national retailer that was requiring employees to perform services for which they were not paid (settled for $15 million).

Claims against several manufacturers of DVD players for failure to meet industry standards (settlements with various manufacturers for value in excess of tens of millions of dollars).

Class action claim for fraudulent misrepresentations concerning diet pills (settled for $5-plus million).

Class action claim against electronics manufacturer on behalf of class of more than 60,000 consumers relating to sale and marketing of defective LCD Televisions. The settlement of this claim provided full “benefit of the bargain” relief to the class by requiring the manufacturer to repair the defect, or replace the television with a new comparable model. Consumers were also entitled to full refunds of all repair costs incurred prior to the settlement.

Individual claim in which the Firm represented the Plaintiff in a claim against the Defendant banking institution because the Defendant wrongfully charged to, and took from, Plaintiff approximately $400,000.00 in so-called “default interest” relating to a commercial loan secured by real property and rents from a commercial tenant. Plaintiff prevailed after trial and recovered a judgment following a trial to the Bench for the amount wrongfully charged to the Plaintiff.

Class action in which the Firm represented an individual consumer who brought a claim under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The case was dismissed and the Firm successfully prosecuted an appeal before the Federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in a landmark decision clarifying consumer rights in class actions under the FDCPA.

Casino patrons brought class action against casino owners and operators under the Consumer Fraud Act for deceptive and misleading promotional schemes designed to induce patrons to enter the casino. The Firm took over representation of the Plaintiff after Plaintiff’s original counsel was unsuccessful and the matter was dismissed on motion. The Firm successfully appealed the dismissal of Plaintiff’s claims and the Appellate court held that casinos can be liable to consumers under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (NJCFA), notwithstanding the fact that the casino industry is highly regulated in New Jersey.